Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival This Weekend! Saturday and Sunday May 2 & 3 2015

Got the last two loads into the kilns today!  This upcoming show is one that I look forward to every year.  The Pottery has been put on the back burner this past year…as many of you know I have been very involved with my aging parents. They are both in declining health and since January they have been in and out of hospitals with serious bouts of illnesses. We even had them in a nursing home, but that did not work out. So after moving them in, we had to move them out and back to their home.  We are trying an age-in-place system now, with nurses that keep an eye on them…and this seems to be working so far.  But needless to say, this has taken up a lot of my time and the Pottery just has not been in full production mode.  Family will always come first with me.
I have a lot to sell at the show, but not as much as I have had in previous years.  So try to come on Saturday for the best selection of ware.  Later on in the Summer my daughter Kelsey will help me set up an Etsy store online, and I hope to have that stocked all year round.  Please check back with this website for news on that!   I am also going to dump this website template and start over again after this show, but the domain name will be the same.  I need an easier site to manage.   Hope to see you this weekend!  Check out their website!