The Waterford Fair

Long day of packing up for The Waterford Fair this coming weekend. I’m waiting on the last load out of my kiln to cool down enough to get the ware out, and then I’ll be done! This is such a wonderful show. The town is so beautiful, the people there are all so friendly. The artists and craftspeople that show at this Fair are amazingly talented! I wish I had the time to get out of my booth to go
see all of them!

In the past, I have done this show with my husband, TR. He gets all dressed up in 18th century garb and is quite the dashing gentleman. Unfortunately, he has been knocked down with a bad case of the flu, and most likely won’t be at the Fair with me this year. To take his place will be my wonderful daughter Kelsey, an accomplished artist in her own right. I am so glad that I have a daughter that I can depend upon, and is willing to drop everything to help me out. She is even willing to dress up in a period long skirt, and believe me, dressing up is not something she enjoys doing!

I will be located in the new school building. When you check in, they will give you a map showing where everything is.
Hope to see you there!
Laura Wailes

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