Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival This Weekend! Saturday and Sunday May 2 & 3 2015

Got the last two loads into the kilns today!  This upcoming show is one that I look forward to every year.  The Pottery has been put on the back burner this past year…as many of you know I have been very involved with my aging parents. They are both in declining health and since January they have been in and out of hospitals with serious bouts of illnesses. We even had them in a nursing home, but that did not work out. So after moving them in, we had to move them out and back to their home.  We are trying an age-in-place system now, with nurses that keep an eye on them…and this seems to be working so far.  But needless to say, this has taken up a lot of my time and the Pottery just has not been in full production mode.  Family will always come first with me.
I have a lot to sell at the show, but not as much as I have had in previous years.  So try to come on Saturday for the best selection of ware.  Later on in the Summer my daughter Kelsey will help me set up an Etsy store online, and I hope to have that stocked all year round.  Please check back with this website for news on that!   I am also going to dump this website template and start over again after this show, but the domain name will be the same.  I need an easier site to manage.   Hope to see you this weekend!  Check out their website!          

Thank You!!

A BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful people that came out to our Studio Tour!  It was wonderful to see so many happy people and my guest artists Linda, Joyce, and Kelsey were also so very pleased.  Saturday was great weather-wise, but Sunday the weather was awful and only one brave soul ventured here!  So, my Gallery is set up again, and if you were not able to come out this past weekend, please come out now!  As long as I am home, I will be open…morning, noon and night!  There is still time to do some last minute Holiday shopping!  Call ahead, our home phone is 410-751-1832.

7th Annual Carroll County Artists Studio Tour!

Thistledown Farm Pottery
Laura Wailes
invites you to the 7th Annual
Carroll County Artists Studio Tour
December 7&8, 2013
10am till 5pm
check out our website at:
Thistledown Farm Pottery will be participating in the 7th Annual Studio Tour!  I will be hosting three artists at my studio and gallery.  Linda Van Hart, Joyce Schaum and guest artist Kelsey Wailes will be here to offer beautiful crafts for you to buy!
Linda Van Hart is a very well known artist and creates amazing jewelry and more from sterling and gold.  The intricate detail of her work is astounding.  Every piece is a one of a kind work of art, a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone very special. Her work can be seen on her website at:
Joyce Schaum is a basket maker unlike any basket maker you have seen before.  Her eye for balance, texture, and color is delightful.  Her style incorporates traditional methods but the finished product will fit in beautifully in contemporary as well as classic settings.  She also does chairs with woven seats as well as stools.  She will offer baskets of all sizes, so you will be sure to find a piece that is just what you are looking for.
Guest Artist Kelsey Wailes will have her very eclectic collection of wares to offer, including fine art prints and amazing sculptures.  Her renown sculptures and toys run the gamut from adorable ornaments for cell phones, charms and necklaces, to a very popular line of Doctor Who inspired figures that are internationally recognized and sought after.  Her work will delight people of all ages. She is also a renown author, with her first published children’s book, “Stompadon”…a wonderful story.  Check out her art on Deviant Art:
I will have many sculptures to choose from…from architectural to outdoor garden ware. As many of you know,  I have had to cut back severely on the number of shows I participate in these past few years.  There are a few sculptures that have been carried over, still looking for the right person to take them home.  So I am having a one-time only “Orphan Sale” this year.  Carry-overs from 2012 are on sale at 25% off, carry-overs from 2011 are 35% off, and older than that are 50% off!  Here is your chance to buy first quality one of a kind art at a very special price!  There will be a few seconds for sale, offered at first come-first served!
I will have a handicapped parking space marked, and my studio and gallery are both wheelchair accessible.  I will also have a handicapped accessible rest room. There will be yummy refreshments and light fare served!   Let’s hope for nice weather…and we hope to see a lot of familiar faces and meet new patrons, too!  Thank you for supporting our local artists..we appreciate your patronage so very much.  If you have any questions, please call 410-751-1832.  Visit me on Facebook at:     or:

Carroll County Artists Studio Tour!  Held the weekend of December 7th and 8th!  Come on out to my studio and see how and where my sculptures are made!  I will be having a good amount of pottery for sale, and some special sales, too!  I will be hosting Joyce Schaum, a wonderful basketmaker, and Linda Van Hart, a silversmith who creates beautiful jewelry.  I will also be hosting a special Guest Artist, Kelsey Wailes!  Her eclectic array of ware will delight art lovers of all ages.  Please go to our website and get all the information you need for a wonderful Studio Tour, and visit my friends all over the county!  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, on my cell 443-929-0561 or the house phone, 410-751-1832.

Waterford Fair!

Please accept my apologies regarding this website.  I needed to download a ton of updates, and now the way the program works looks foreign to me.  I want to post photos and new links, but, alas, I am too stupid to understand how this new site works.  I need a super super simple website program for artists who want to post simple updates and photos, nothing complicated.  WordPress is just not cutting it for me.

ANYWAY!  I will be at The Waterford Fair Friday October 4th through Sunday October 6th!!  Please come out to see me…I will be back at the Old School, set up in the connecting hallway with all the big windows.  Hope to see you there!  And if I am able to figure out how to use WordPress, I will update this with lots of new stuff.  Wish me luck.


The Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival 2013 is Over!

All done. The show is over and the van is packed up to go back home. Special thanks to my wonderful husband TR who came to help me tear down even though he’s not feeling too great.
Thanks to everyone who came to my booth! Hearing nice things about my work makes it all worthwhile. I had a blast at the show and I sold really well. Stoked for next year’s show already!
Now to have a nice dinner out with Kelsey, and home to watch Game Of Thrones. Tomorrow I get to sleep in late! Hooray!!

All set up and ready to go at the show!!!  My booth is packed with goodies. Stop by and see what I have for this show! Lots of nice garden accents, birdhouses, and toad houses. I have some very nice architectural sculptures, too! The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, so come out and help celebrate 40 years of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!
More info at

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

This coming Saturday and Sunday!  The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Busy Busy Busy!!!! Getting ready for the show!!! Hope to see you there…the weather report sounds fantastic! Be sure to wear comfy shoes and bring your appetite, too.
I have been in the studio as much as possible making wares for the show….
Last year I sold out of toad houses and birdhouses, so I made a large amount for this show. I will also have some very nice architectural pieces! I made a batch of stoneware garden signs and barn plaques too.
Check out the website for more info!

back to work…finally!

back to work getting ready for The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! check out the website for all the information you need:
the studio cats are so happy that I am back in the studio. they are all taking turns in what I call The Visiting Drawer.
DSC_045220 year old Ben takes a snooze



DSC_0464Rupi is barely tolerating Noogie in her drawer

DSC_0465Noogie trying to look as cute as possible

DSC_0731Jackson is so huge, he takes up the whole drawer!

DSC_0467Ginger’s turn to visit.


Back to Work!

I have been cleaning up the studio and getting ready to get back to the mud! I am getting a big delivery of clay this week and I can hardly wait. Going to do some experiments and then back into full production in about two weeks.